Tuesday, January 14, 2003

this is dead. go to executionerangel.com.

Friday, December 27, 2002

i found a text file called "9th juliet" on one of my backup cd's while looking for my setup file for AudioCatalyst.
i /think/ i wrote it but not 100% certain
oh yes now i am 100% certain, i wrote it for Mike.
his brother said, "i'm really sorry.." and i said.. "not as sorry as i am" and that's why i wrote "of the middleman's sorrow".

9th juliet
katrina k. johnson 7-9-01

it's been a long time since we connected to make a place
in ourselves never severed by disconnection
and thought the friendship was truest even through our
have you chosen to abandon me after i gave you my patience?

how am i to know what's wrong and how will i try to make it right
i don't know but to disappear why wouldn't you talk to me
tell me and make it better i just need your communication instead
of the middleman's sorrow

the only thing that hurts me so is when the plug is pulled
i can't or don't know what to believe except i must be at fault
it wasn't my intention to be anything but purely true with you
and now it seems like you're taking it out on me
please rediscover
that it is wonderful to be true
instead of impaling me with your silence
i know this can't be the real you
i can deal with it if you need your space but i have to hear it from you.

why did you have to do this
i shouldnt ask i expect no answer in fact all i expect now
is to never hear you again never see you again why
didnt you see my sacrifice

there is no fault there is no blame why can't we repair this temple
must you leave me in my shame
for sharing a new experience with you?